Zvi Lachman


Born in Tel Aviv in 1950. He studied with great masters of Israeli art as Sternschuss and Danziger, graduated from the Technion and worked as an architect for a few years. In the years to come he moved to New York, where he completed his M.F.A degree at the Parsons School of Design and studied painting with Paul Resika and Leland Bell. He also studied sculpture with Chaim Gross, as well as sculpture and drawing at the New York Studio School, with Peter Agostini and Bruce Gagnier.
Zvi Lachman - sculptor, painter, architect and teacher - proves just how eclectic, diverse, and wide ranging the new figurative art can be. Lachman challenges the various orthodoxies currently reigning in contemporary Israeli art. In this age of reason and psychology, Lachman works against a general climate in which realism, autobiographical confession and ready-made, consumer art hold sway: his work engages archaic, classical and baroque traditions rather than celebrating the sharply defined object. Furthermore, in a climate that often associates identity with a direct response to Israeli politics and themes, Lachman rejects such demands, finding his identity and his citizenship in his re-construction of traditional forms and subjects within an eclectic, multicultural art.
Zvi Lachman presented Canvasses Against Black in early 2003 and Amida in 2007 in Golconda Fine Art.

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