Uri Blayer


Born in 1971 in Israel, Uri Blayer graduated from the Telma Yalin highschool of arts and joined the army, where he was outposted in the Negev Desert and begun to paint its vast landscapes.
In 1996 he moves to New York to continue his artistic education at Brooklyn College and at the Arts Students League.
For the past few years Blayer has been residing and working in Maui, Hawaii, where he has gained great success, but every now and then he returns to his favourite retreat – the Negev and the Judean Desert. Blayer is a true man-of-nature, and this inseparable emotional link that connects him to the desert reflects from every brush stroke in these spectacular landscapes.
Uri Blayer's show, The Negev Desert, was exhibited in Golconda Fine Art in early 2008.

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