Pesach Slabosky


Born in 1947 in Detroit, USA. He is a strange bird in the skies of Israeli art. Schooled in America, he settled in Jerusalem in the late 1970s. He began by engaging in painting that is the opposite of the trend towards realism that is increasingly in evidence among artists of his generation. He is pre¬occupied with the confluence between materials and shapes in an amorphous state, and paintings lacking style or form that exist by virtue of some simple, crude action accomplished without any aes¬thetic intention. Slabosky's paintings look like an utterance of the act of painting in its own right, and can be perceived as meditation, often ironic, on what painting is as image. His ideas are thus capable of being converted into paintings that accommodate personal and very private experiences.
Pesach Slabosky presented his works in Golconda Fine Art in 2006.

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