Leopold Krakauer


1890 – 1954


Architect and painter Leopold Krakauer was born and raised in Vienna. Being one of the finest architects of the International Style of his time, Krakauer immigrates to Palestine with his wife in 1924 after winning an architectural competition for Palestine and soon becomes deeply involved in some very important architectural projects.
Krakauer was captivated by the vistas of Jerusalem, invariably rendering them in a fantastic manner, in portrayals of naked mountains with an olive tree and thorns. The image of the olive tree and thorn are sometimes transformed into a man in torment – the figure of Jesus. On settling in Palestine, he sensed the need for direct expression of its sublime landscapes, principally the Judean hills. Krakauer revealed a spiritual sense, endowing with redoubtable potency in his treatment of mystical and biblical figures. 

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