Gabriel Regal


Born in Uruguay in 1963. He came to Israel at the age of 21 and attended the Hebrew University, the Bezalel Academy and the Avni Institute. In 1996 Regal returned to his home country for additional 10 years, and in 2006 came back to Israel, where he currently lives and works.

Regal settled in downtown Tel Aviv, probably the most run-down district in the city. As an “obsessive observer”, according to his own words, Regal’s paintings depict his close surroundings, without embellishing or glorifying the decay, but rather attempting to uncover an aesthetic, sensual, even alluring aspect of the dilapidated buildings, with their dull architecture, peeling plaster, eroded pipes and scaffolds.

Gabriel Regal has taken part in a number of group and solo exhibitions, most recently in Italy and Uruguay.
Gabriel Regal's works were exhibited in Golconda Fine Art in 2008.

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