David Reeb


Born in 1952 in Israel. Studied at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and participated in the Academy students' revolt in 1977. He lives and works in Tel Aviv.
Reeb is one of the most consummate of the political artists, in the sense that all his imagery, without exception, relates to any aspect of everyday reality; up-to-date, immediate, that possesses topical value. These images deliberately represent topicality through the eyes of the media - television screen images or pictures from news magazines - to stress their political aspect. He imbues his paintings with an aesthetic reminiscent of a political poster. The immediacy of the images he employs also finds expression in his manner of painting. It is rapid and urgent, as though attempting to state that there is no time to waste on pictorial sensitivities and niceties. Everything is laid on the canvas, exposed and bold.
Along with portrayal of situations and the harshest of political realities (photographs of intifada confrontations), Reeb strews his paintings with banal images derived from the local media and advertising world: for example, the picture of the camel from a pack of Camel cigarettes, or the series of paintings in which the main image is the 'Green Line' (the line marking the former border between the state of Israel and the territories it holds in trust to this day has been erased from all maps published in Israel since 1967) hovering in a portrayal of the interior of his studio. All this illustrates and underlines the challenges posed by the enormous difficulty of personal and artistic existence in Israel today.
David Reeb exhibited his works in Golconda Fine Art in 2004.

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