About Golconda Fine Art

Golconda Fine Art was established in 1995 as an affiliation of an international art dealership. Over the past years Golconda has been raising a banner of Quality, Credibility and Professionalism in dealing fine Israeli and international art, and is committed to linking young Israeli art with classic European tradition.
Golconda Fine Art has recently relocated to a beautifully preserved old building on Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv.


Art according to Golconda

Contemporary eclecticism - Synergy of art and space: the holistic approach to the art world

Golconda Fine Art puts its trust in tradition. Success in the art world does not necessarily mean pushing towards the ever-growing further limits of provocation and extroversion. Classical Art has not yet lost relevance and its research can still create impressive results. We believe that the power of good art does not measure in provocation only. One must bear in mind that art is also about aesthetics, quality, excellence and creditability. Good art could, and should, integrate in everyday life. Extroversion as means of attracting attention may dissolve artistic themes and leave the visual ones empty and meaningless.

The link between art and craft brings aesthetics to its peak by connecting the piece of art with the space in which it is located: a great piece of art would lose much of its impact on the viewer when placed in an aesthetically unfit space, in comparison with that same piece’s impact when placed correctly.

The right combination of a well-designed space (including lighting, sound and even fragrances), practical artifacts and works of art creates balance and brings the power of art and its intellectual themes to a maximum - without gimmicks.

The Golconda Fine Art concept is all about creating that synergy between the art, the space and the collector.

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